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Social Action


Das Weltkulturerbe/ The World-Cultural-Heritage

Labour Live and all its Consequences... 

Ursula Empress, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck

To TV- and Radio-Stations  CO/

To Mayors of the Corporations


Germany, Luebeck, 2000, October 4th      


Last Reminder

Order of your Empress

Worldwide/ CC/ Version III.

Please, let this letter be used to inform your listeners or spectators by the reports via radio or TV.


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Yesterday your Empress met a pleasant woman in a train on her business trip from Hamburg.

She told me that she honorary works at the mission in Hamburg, which has just closed for the renovation.

The woman told about a little from her activity and we spoke about the cold winter what is coming soon and that the people are accommodated in their sleeping bags under the bridges.

Also we spoke from the number of unreported cases of people, who have to freeze to death.

The woman told me that she doesn't speak to the poor men on first name and that was what makes the woman sympathetic and suitable for the activity, besides she doesn't only hold on herself to the misery of the other ones I was able to notice, too.

And that is the point of view your Empress will finish with sharpness and hardness.

People, who are fallen down in a social disadvantaged background and don't want to have anything to do with the society that are people, who didn't use their ulnae against another people and they didn't stay in the society of the costs of another one, that your Empress can guarantee, otherwise they were not fallen so deeply.

They won't have driven away anybody from the working place, they won't have made anybody ill on purpose but have gone the way themselves. They won't have enriched themselves in any form, but they have given up themselves in a way and that is the only point one must reproach them.

But nearly everybody is reproached that one takes those people as a warning and is acting accordingly by using ones ulnae and outwitted another person before one is for oneself.

For most of you these fallen down people have been a consolation by thinking, that another one`s life is still worse and so you can bear easier your ruined or hard life.

Most of you say, no, such a person I don't give him nothing; he should go to work and stop the boozer. And your Empress says, if one deals with this societies, then one can get the boozer and of all the spitting especially in labour life.

Nobody is born as a beggar, boozer and junkie and to be sure nobody is born in such societies sitting oneself in first class; not in the train, not in the plane, not in the office and even not at the hotel.

There nobody belongs on the places, quite certainly not.

However, there are three persons you don't keep the classes for them anymore and nevertheless you sit first class in front of the eyes of your Empress!?

That I will sort you of you nearly can be sure here in Europe, in the USA, in Asia, in Australia and even in Africa. Your behaviour is not an excuse, such a thing I won't stand for that from nobody else!

You have to accept follow instructions and orders to put in action at once before the cold winter is coming.

As usual your Empress takes care for it that informed people don't sit at the warm heater in winter; not at home and not elsewhere, separate these people will get to know live in the streets and under the bridges.

Your Empress would like to spare everybody such a death but the risk that some people of you could freeze to death is relatively great, because exactly in this way my cudgel have to act and not differently.

As follows you have to act:

You should not deploy a psychiatrist or a trained social worker for the fallen down person circle.

Nobody has to question or to talk to that people with the tone of a nurse, because you really have been taken ill yourselves.

You have to occupy honorary people, who know a lot from this person circle, perhaps through own experience or experience from their relatives or friends.

It would be ideal, if the concerned people arrange each other and  move in common in the same area in the own home, which your Empress introduces now.

In principle it calls for everyone "by orders of Empress", so that shall be enough.

Together with the concerned people some of you have to construct a complete cozy garden house in a beautiful ground including a separate heating and garden toilet or better a clumsy loo.

For some of them there should put a cooking place at one's disposal.

The garden house and even a garden with a garden shed and a loo will lease to the people and signed for life. The daily hot meal please, you let hand over them by bicycle and appropriate they have to get some money for alcohol, cigarettes, "grass" and an injection, if still necessary.

Alternatively some of them should get these drugs by a prescription at the chemist's and an injection by a psychiatrist. For foodstuff and clothing you have to take care regular, too.

A garden pump and a wash setting-up is a matter of course likewise a bike.

Should some of the concerned persons prefer moving in an exclusive residential district, in a hotel or in a rented flat, then you have to fulfill the wishes individually, otherwise your Empress let fill you full individually.

Especially in the USA there are great social distinctions. Too, much people are living there for more than ten people and are the opinion that they have honestly earned the money, what is in fact impossible.

Your Empress has already sent letters about that matter.

Alone some millionaires are able to stop such unfair states and give those people an own home.

Please, do not forget that nobody is able to take along the money to hell, money, which not belongs you for a long time anymore.

I would not advise you to contradict your Empress in the matter; you should have a look at the sky without your sunglasses, then you really know how your Empress has to act with such a sort of twisted persons. I'll let beat you with my "umbrella", if necessary too mush!

Please, interpret this letter rightly; you should daily thank God on your knees that you get a chance of real life mainly for the next world.

As American you have a specially function and responsibility for the success of the matter, because you have been the driving force for many nonsense.

You should come on the ground of the facts from your skyscrapers very fast!

Homework for all:

1.)      You still are the ones taking a shower daily; do you just at

           long last know why?

2.)      How do you have to treat with the street children, like rats

           or children?

           On behalf of Empress

HP: You and other ones will not let those destitute people chuck out from a railway station for a transitional period anymore.

On the contrary, you and others will bear worry that destitute people can look up in the night a warm place for sleeping, too.

That means, all the stations will stay open in the nights and also the central heating will be turned on as long as necessary and as long till all those people have got an allotment with a small house.

Watch-men or service personal may gladly be made available for the safety of the passers around the clock.

2011, April 12th**

Time is pressing; it comes to an end for a new beginning!