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                                ANO 2010 ABER IMMER AKTUELL!

Independence and Personal Responsibility

Luebeck, 17 January 2018

Free English translation on 30 September 2021.

The German-language document you may find here!

To the Theatre Community


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen from Politics and Business,

Is it still not enough for you and do you and your kind have to destroy Mrs. A. Merkel visually as well, so that Mrs. A. Merkel can no longer follow her actual destiny appropriately well?

What is really going on with you?

Who has ruined you and your kind so much that you can no longer make independent decisions on your own responsibility and watch how you and your fellow campaigners use Mrs A. Merkel in order to be able to look good yourselves afterwards?

It's about time for a clear word among adults, but there you and basically adults have to be looked for!


Ursula Sabisch

If my person were already in that position, she would have you and your kind swept off the political stage and call adults into the correspondingly necessary responsibility!_______________________________________________________________________

30 September 2021: Now Mr. Armin Laschet has to stand in for the CDU, for a party that for years could obviously only claim the mandate to govern through Mrs. Merkel!