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This Letter was also ahead of its Time...

Ursula Kaiserin, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the Accountability

In the Matter of the Lord and Creator


Tuesday, 12 November 2002

Free English translation on 30 September 2021.

Order of your Empress 

Please, let the German-language writing be translated by different translators of your countries.

Dear S. Hussein, Dear G. W. Bush, Dear Sirs!

It is now high time that you take note of your Authorities, which are composed of three persons.

One person of them, your Empress, is now writing you this letter.

You, Mr Bush, are now sending two hundred and fifty thousand young men, certainly with priority, to fight for world security.

And you, Mr Hussein, do not want to be brought to your knees by your faith, which you too often use as an alibi, especially when a country that you have always treated with suspicion and incomprehension should take on this provisional task in agreement with the Security Council.

As far as I know, Mr. Hussein, you do not speak the language of this enemy country or do not speak it very well, like many Muslim personalities who are active in the public sphere and represent high offices.

According to your Empress, you and your neighbouring countries only find a credible security and truth also normality through your own language and culture.

Your Empress is in a similar situation.

My person, too, has difficulties in dealing with other languages and cultures and in judging them correctly. Often one gets the impression that one should learn something purposeless or questionable and deal with it like a foreign language.

If my person had known as a child that she would be called to this high office in her life, she would certainly have occupied herself more intensively with a foreign language, but now, for reasons of time, it is no longer worthwhile for your Empress.    

For your Empress, there are only very few languages which, in my opinion, suit a person properly; however, your Arabic language is not one of them.

American slang is also too "overdone" for a human being in my person's opinion, and so two quite different cultures meet, accusing each other of falsehood and cunning.

Your Empress does not accuse G. W. Bush and his regime of this falsehood and cunning.

Your Empress, however, is mainly accusing the USA of a failure of control by individuals in relation to the research and science of weapons of mass destruction through chemistry, biochemistry or nuclear applications.

This failure now allows any intelligent person to go into research or science to gain standing as a capacity, as well as hobbyists an acquisition of the needed knowledge which has become available to almost everyone.

In this way, hobbyists as well as terrorists could blackmail the whole world and bring it under control, which has already happened to some extent through terrorists.

Now it is not only states of the world that could aspire to be a world power, now it is also small groups that can come from any culture.

Through an uncontrolled allocation of study places, it has become possible that unscrupulous researchers and scientists, who are mostly also for sale in order to be able to continue their research, have been able to develop such weapons and have not asked into which hands such inventions and such knowledge could end up.

In addition, funds have also been distributed extremely differently around the world*, as recently reported in the news, so that, for example, a famous British footballer could have eight million euros at his disposal.

What can such a single person do with this huge fortune, if he wants to get into the arms business to become even richer?

This omission has become a worldwide problem, but not only this omission, because just as, for example, a war leader lays and distributes mines, so now mankind has set up nuclear power plants, which are nothing more than arsenals of weapons in times of war, at a time when the earth is shaking more and more frequently and more strongly, volcanic eruptions are becoming more frequent, floods are taking place, where forest fires are becoming bigger and bigger, hurricanes are increasing in strength and iceberg melting is becoming more and more frequent, but no one can classify these signs as serious to very serious; probably due to the action and disaster movies too often shown around the world.

Now, at least half a million people demonstrated peacefully in Florence against the threat of war, but the images shown on TV seemed to Her Empress more like a varied, collective action intended to give a meaningful voice.

In the opinion of your Empress, only a small proportion of these demonstrators had really demonstrated out of fear of war, or even out of fear of a world war, which would lapse if the weapons available were used.

For many of these people, the real reason for this demonstration was to participate in the community through a large group, to express a common opinion and to bring to the fore the cohesion that is too often lacking in everyday life, however, my person was not there but could only get a picture and an impression via the TV.   

These and similar actions have a future, unfortunately also a US* president who was confirmed by his whole people; by a people who are at the top of the social form of the so-called civilised world and who do not want to disappoint the people* by his given promises.

These people watch the greatest disaster films, horror films and action films every day on TV, on video or in the cinema and have now confirmed the president who pleaded for a hard line in the Iraq resolution and did not want to be stalled any longer to have the Iraq resolution carried out because he does not trust you, Mr. Hussein, as others probably do not either, and you in turn will not trust him and others.

Not only the American people have seen too many action and disaster films, but the Muslim peoples certainly know these films and then still have their faith by which they can be sent to their deaths, be it tying dynamite and other explosives to their bodies to die in the Holy War and then be able to enter paradise, which will be a great error of your faith, or "the God fighters" use chemical weapons as well as nuclear weapons and aircraft.

Maybe you or these responsible scientists should experience once at first hand what it will be like when released atom destroys a human being, as was shown on TV at the time by the bomb on Hiroshima, people's whole skin and musculature fell off, right down to the bone.

There is nothing sacred, honourable or courageous about that; there is something sick, destructive and highly cowardly about it!

Now, on the one hand, we have the real threat of terrorists and of the Iraqi arsenal of S. Hussein and his entourage in connection with the Holy War, which can never be holy; on the other hand, we have the threat of many globally diseased people who need a change in their lives; some action, some more disaster and entertainment to the point of a turnaround in their lives.

It has also been the case in history that when there was a major economic downturn or a world economic crisis as well as economic collapses, a world war brought a solution.

Only in our time there will be no world war and if there will be an escalation, who will be the loser when there is nothing left of the world due to the laid "mines" and existing pipelines?

The time for a takeover would be extremely favourable for any nation or sick nut who would have the necessary means when the USA is on the way with its troops, which it has also doubled.

Trust who!

Now we have to reckon with sick, over-excited nutcases and fanatically trained believers who want to determine the basis of our Lord and Creator and who also think that they can enter paradise or have freed the world from all evil and wickedness.

Your Empress has already visited a Muslim country and made acquaintance with your faith, which, like every other great faith, contains at least one truth.

Please have the enclosed letter truthfully translated and read well the first part of the letter addressed to the Muslim people.

There are already some special letters for the Americans too, which should please be requested from the right places* homepages* and also be translated and read.

Your Empress has also gained knowledge of your so-called paradise as Muslims through severe psychoses, but it is not that beautiful, as you may have already been confirmed.

As a human being, you had better not forget that God is not only the Lord and Creator of us all, but also all-powerful, and so use your position not wrongly, but rightly, you little would-be go-getter presidents, otherwise you "two pretties" will be sent to the front yourselves, where there will certainly also be children, to see the suffering of the mothers there for once and to no longer be able to hide behind the desk.

In an emergency, you two will have a safe place for yourselves and your family to raise more troops if necessary.

If only you hadn't miscalculated!

P. p. Empress

You as Muslims will have a hard time understanding what the issue and the Lord's and Creator`s matter is all about.

You should also understand that your entire race has also fallen in God's grace, which has certainly always had a hard time; however, not only your race had and has a hard time, there are races that had and have an even harder time!

2011, April 14th

Please, think about that a mass murderer as well as a murderer is connected directly with the devil/ Satan and indirectly with the victims and vice versa.

That is valid most of all for a membership in a criminal organisation like people in political states, it is valid for terrorists and the Mafia too, but it is valid in an intensify manner for leaderships or headliners, which are adored by the nation.

Also the victim can be bound to the murderer by the devil line, which everybody has got by birth.

At present time there is a possibility to come in contact with the devil line especially by abortions, what is in fact a premeditated murder to somebody, who has no developed body, brain and soul!

Everybody gets the change of changing on earth; in afterlife normally it is too late for it!

Would I have been able to know that I nearly could contact other ones nearly only by the devil line, I had not gone this long way of life!

May, 16th. 2021 German-language document checked.