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Many People need to relearn how to tell the Truth.


Ursula Kaiserin, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the


Local Court

Luebeck, 23 April 2002

Free English translation on 30 September 2021.

Clothes / CC To the households of Luebeck

The German-language document you may find here! 

Dear Luebecker Citizens, (Dear Readers),

Surely many of you will already be informed of the existence of your Authorities, especially of your Empress, who has to deal with tasks that go to the personality of a person, but are not controlled by my person.

Your Empress has nothing, but nothing at all to do with your personality, nor is she in your service, but in the service of our Lord and Creator alone.

Please never forget this essential difference in this special time that will now come upon you all.

It is part of the duties of an Empress to also take care of the future of the people and mainly of the children and of the coming generations, so that a normal life with prospects for the future will be ensured for the people still to come.

Not only your Empress, but actually every thinking person has this duty and is now urged to remember this duty.

It cannot be that this generation lives to a fare-thee-well and does not ask itself and does not care what will come after this generation!

Comparatively speaking, an animal cannot orientate itself in this respect in its behaviour; a human being must be able to.

There are limits between a human being and an animal that humans have long since crossed through their easy way of life.

There has not yet been a generation that has made life so cheap and so easy for itself as this one, and now it has already become very difficult for many people in the end.

If your Empress looks retrospectively at all societies, she must conclude that human has been able to deal with very few values.

Human has thrown the most precious values overboard and turned the whole world into a dangerous " fuck free house".

There are recognisable dangers and there are dangers that are very difficult for anyone to recognise. For this very reason, you are to be protected by the umbrella, or better, by the Cudgel of your Empress, in order to get out of the circle of danger.

Not only does the umbrella alone give you the security you need; it is demanded of every human being in return for the service already rendered, so that you may retain the basic right to life.

There have long been many responsible parties in the matter and also the way has long been determined, even if perhaps not yet clearly confirmed.

However, this should not be allowed to continue to be the undoing of newborns, infants and children, and it is precisely for this reason that your Empress is writing to you again in this regard, as children and actually also young people must have priority.

Nevertheless, my person must point out to you that the youth is to be left alone from any morals and from any interference of the person.

The youth should be allowed to orientate themselves also through this letter and make up their own minds, everything else the Lord will already direct.


When a newborn baby opens its eyes, it can first of all orient itself by the face of the mother and the father.

It can orientate itself by the different tones of voice and also recognise that it is being cared for by the mother and that the father normally keeps his protection over its mother and thus over it.

A little later, a child can also clearly grasp visually that there are two different sexes and it can also soon understand that there are different generations in the world.

A baby and toddler can soon correctly classify a child by size, voice, speech and the lower protective function and it can correctly assign the competence function to the child; it should also already be able to correctly classify the grandparents who live in its immediate environment as associated family or family members.

Preferably, the grandparents stand out especially in their protective function due to the life they have already lived, whereby the experience values should benefit the parents and thus the child, and the child should be able to recognise that its parents also have an origin.

Likewise, it must be recognisable that the grandparents are also protected by their origin, meaning now ................. .


Unfortunately, the reality is quite different for the children.

A child recognises very quickly who protects whom in the family and who carries most of the burden. Thus, it can clearly judge who can offer the greater protection that the child also needs.

Women usually have to carry the man because he is often overwhelmed by the pressure to perform in professional life and by the women who are to be found on every corner, in every film, in every magazine and in every company.

Furthermore, the woman often loses the normal interest in her husband by carrying too heavy a load, but she still has to be able to keep him as a woman.

Many women also steal another woman's husband for this reason, in order to develop a normal interest again and to be able to be affirmed as a woman again.

A man of today will easily get involved with another woman who promises a need for protection or an experience, since his own wife, as already justified, can no longer offer this on a normal basis, and so on.

Thus, the entire security for an affected child is then called into question. Many families are destroyed for this reason and more and more are being destroyed.

In addition, many people bring an animal into the house for this reason, a dog or a cat, so that one has a certain point that is meant to be an occupation and clam anchor for the children, to serve them and thus to make family life easier for the parents through the animal, as a creature that is understanding, relatively undemanding and uncomplicated.

Always reliable, always a support, always a conversation partner who can supposedly listen and provide balance as a means of communication in crises in the marriage or through living together.

Now the children have to be able to accept a pet as a member of the family or correctly classify it in their environment as a life companion for humans.

The natural fear of an animal, a tamed predator, is thus reduced and the unnatural way of living together with a pet is built up.

Many children are already irritated by this reversal, as the animals have names and the first disturbances concerning their own origins could set in; also, the safe recognition of one's own sex can already be called into question by such nonsense, as now it is added that a woman can no longer be clearly identified visually for a child, also for the reasons already mentioned.

Short hair, socks, trainers, hard tone and broad shoulders due to dragging and then men's clothes!

An older woman is also difficult for a toddler to classify due to overly coloured hair and the lack of charisma that comes with age, and thus often lacks the natural protection that should come from an older person.

Older men also put on colourful jogging suits and look after young girls, which a child will soon notice.

However, young people are also often difficult for young children to classify and their outfits can disturb the children's development, especially sleep disturbances are the order of the day.

Young people also fit into society accordingly, on the one hand, as your Empress thinks, quite correctly, but on the other hand without thinking of the toddlers and children, also because presumably many young people also had to go through this aforementioned cycle as children.

Whether as a punk with boots and black clothes, whether bald or tattooed or with colourful, sticking-out hair, whether as a Lady in Black with dyed black hair, blue lips and blue fingernails in a black dress or whatever.

A toddler will usually have to form a picture of his surroundings and of his fellow human beings and will hold on to his toy, which reflects society seen form your Empress`s point of view.

There are also plush figures for orientation from the Donald Duck story, there are Ernie and Bert, Captain Blue Bear and the Teletubbies or the Diddle Mouse, maybe Benjamin Bluemchen.

These friends are also available as hot water bottle covers in pharmacies.

Please look at the toddlers in the prams or carts/ buggies, they are holding a soft toy and are well provided for all round with animal goodies.

This is how a toddler has to discover the environment nowadays, not only people, dogs and cats can attract a child's attention, there is a lot more that a child has a hard time getting right, like electronic remote controls and hoovers and so on and so forth.

Now, in this particular time, there are many foreigners of different races from all over the world scattered all over the world, and for the respective native children, this phenomenon is also added.


Now there are very different levels of knowledge and schedules that parents will have for their children; some will be able to give their children enough attention and time and specifically care for their children, others will not have this specific knowledge and will have to hand their children over to kindergarten just like more educated parents.

There are very, very many people who had too much trust in others and blindly handed their children over to this society.

It will mainly be those who do not understand this letter and cannot properly classify it, so that the consideration demanded by your Authorities, will be measured according to your personality and you will thus also be held responsible for others, but not by my person.

In future, please dress in such a way that a toddler can clearly recognise whether you are a man or a woman.

Allow the toddler to infer your age as well, even if some of you have partially switched off like your Empress and have thus remained young on the inside.

Especially also the pets like dog and cat need to be out of the house immediately so that the children can slowly let go of your comic shapes!


HP: It is often irresponsible when a dog or cat to peek into a newborn's baby basket or cot to sniff the newborn or to eye a new "family member".

This is especially true if this happens without the parents being present!